Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is a long-standing fan favorite. Here we find Sakai’s “bodyguard rabbit” Miyamoto Usagi (or simply just Usagi) make his way through four different stories. Beginning with the three-part “Bunraku,” Usagi finds himself in the middle of a demonic puppet drama. His fellow samurai Sasuke enrolls Usagi in the fight of freeing the town from the demonic puppet master who is stealing people’s “life-forces” in order to become immortal.

In “The Hero,” this issue’s second story, Usagi once again embraces his past role of bodyguard for Lady Mura, a famous writer, in order to protect her on a journey to her father’s home. Lady Mura’s husband is a samurai during peacetime which leaves little glory to be won, so with her successes as a writer, her husband has become jealous and hateful. As she visits her father, various bounty hunters hired by her husband come to capture her and bring her back. Usagi and Mura arrive at her father’s house only to be confronted by her husband and Lady Mura is taken back. Usagi leaves the house and stumbles upon Mura’s dead body. Back in the village, Lady Mura’s work becomes even more popular and friends come to congratulate and console her husband. …

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